Are education degree and political views related?

Feb 15, 2024

Are education degree and political views related?

Chi-Square SPSS activity

1.         Are education degree and political views related?

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Are education degree and political views related?
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From the ANALYZE menu



Click on STATISTICS button

You will see a Dialogue box

Click on the CHI-SQUARE box in the upper left corner, click “expected frequencies”


We want to look at “DEGREE” (columns box) and “POLVIEWS” (row box)

Click OK to run procedure

Look to the “Pearson Chi-square” information in the first row.

Report results:

Chi-square=___________________ with ________ degrees of freedom and a p-value of_____________________. We have/do not have evidence to reject the null hypothesis that these variables are independent.

It appears that… (describe the association seen here if there was one)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2.         For your Lab Submission:

  1. Examine the relationship between respondent’s health (HEALTH) and social class (CLASS).  Treat social class as the independent (column) variable and health as the dependent (row) variable. Interpret results by reporting similarly to the above example. Be sure to report your results of the Chi-square value, degrees of freedom, p-value, and then your decision to reject the Null Hypothesis or not. Describe these findings in your own words.
  2. Add SEX as a control variable (Under LAYER box which is under the Row and Column boxes) and calculate. Is the relationship stronger for women or men? Why might this be?

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