case study assignment

Jan 23, 2024

your final paper will be about virtual PR of two multinational companies.1- Select two competing multinational companies. They should be comparable or competitors (e.g. Apple vs. Samsung; Toyota vs. Ford). 2- Each company/organization should be well-known and have many employees and consumers.                                                         3- Examine each company’s website and analyze it; highlight its strength and weakness, and do a critical appraisal.4- Focus on:A-  Media relations, particularly their presence and some of  their activities on social media;B-  Consumer relations; andC-  Community relations.5- Compare and contrast the two companies’ online PR presence and activities. Which one in your opinion is more effective?6- Your paper should not be less than 9 pages long (including a printout of the homepages of the two companies);  and should be well-thought and well-written.7- The deadline for submitting the paper is Tuesday, May 26, 2015.i would like my paper by 10:00am my time, united arab emirates

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case study assignment
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