Cookie Business

May 8, 2023

Cookie Business. In this project, you will be opening your own specialty cookie company to see how product costing methods and changes in production affect business decisions. You will be creating a series of reports and analyzing the results using the template provided to guide you through the project.The learning objectives of this project are as follows:You will prepare a four- to five-page written report (including spreadsheets) with at least three scholarly sources using the   . Your report will provide the following information:Part 1: Establish a cookie business selling only one type of specialty cookie with two employees making the cookies.Part 2: Develop costing and sales information for 1,000 cookies.Part 3: Compare and contrast the costing methods used in this project, including which you believe provides the most useful information as a manager.Part 4: Discuss what will happen to revenue if the number of the cookies sold increases or decreases.Use the   for your job order, and process costing spreadsheets to be embedded in your case study document.Be sure to use APA formatting throughout © 2023

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Cookie Business
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