create a Strategy Team that is responsible for the strategic business decisions of your company.

Feb 15, 2024

create a Strategy Team that is responsible for the strategic business decisions of your company.


Assessment Task

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create a Strategy Team that is responsible for the strategic business decisions of your company.
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In groups of 4/5 students; you are required to create a Strategy Team that is responsible for the strategic business decisions of your company. You are to decide the role of each member and their responsibilities within the strategy team and the company. Your case study company should either be a Hospitality or Events business depending on your course.

You are required to obtain the financial information of your business for at least the last 2 years. This should include information researched outside of the company accounts as well as the traditional information enclosed within the reports. You will use this information to create a 15minute presentation to the Chief Executive officer of the company in the first Quarterly Strategic Business Meeting coming up in April 2022.

Using this information you are required to:

Identify its main operational results.
Identify the Key Performance Indicators of the company.
Conduct a financial performance analysis of the business using ratios and other business performance measures with a commentary on this.
Conduct a comparative analysis of the business taking into account other environmental factors.
Create a forecast for the next financial year (taking into account various environmental factors) with some justification of the facts behind the forecast decisions.
Recommendations to take into the next financial year (considerations for maintaining business sustainability and due diligence).

You are required to consider Revenue Management and Financial Management Principles in your decisions and justify your decisions.

You should also include an overview and historical background of the company in your presentation to include the market that it operates in, its main market segments as well as product offer.

Learning Outcomes Assessed by the Task: 2 – 7

1.3. Deadline for Submission:

Submission: via Turnitin

Presentations: In-Class

We strongly suggest that you try to submit all coursework by the deadline set as meeting deadlines is expected in employment. However, in our regulations, UEL has permitted students to be able to submit their coursework up to 24 hours after the deadline. The deadline will be published in your module guide. Coursework which is submitted late, but within 24 hours of the deadline, will be assessed but subjected to a fixed penalty of 5% of the total marks available (as opposed to marks obtained). However, you have to be very careful when you are submitting your assessment.

Please note that if you submit your work twice, once using the original deadline link and then again using the 24-hour late submission link, then the second submission will be marked with a 5% mark deduction.

This rule only applies to coursework. It does not apply to examinations, presentations, performances, practical assessments or viva voce examinations. If you miss these for a genuine reason, then you will need to apply for extenuating circumstances, or accept that you will receive a zero mark.

Extenuating Circumstances are circumstances which:

impair your examination performance prevent you from attending examinations or other types of assessment, or
prevent you from submitting coursework or other assessed work by the scheduled deadline date, or within 24 hours of the deadline date

Such circumstances rarely occur and would normally be:

unforeseeable – in that you could have no prior knowledge of the event concerned, and
unpreventable – in that you could do nothing reasonably in your power to prevent such an event, and
expected to have a serious impact on performance

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