Dental Technology

Feb 15, 2024

Dental Technology


Read the following introductory scenario and answer the following questions
based upon it.
A patient case has arrived in the dental laboratory, requesting a full gold crown to
be manufactured for the patients UL6. The prescription has all the basic
information needed. Upon closer inspection of your models, the margin of the
preparation does not seem to be very clearly visible.
1: You have contacted the dentist to attempt to communicate your concerns about the
definition of the margin. Describe in detail the concerns you would convey and explain
your reasons for them. Use hand-drawn images to support your answer if necessary.
2: The dentist asks you to provide alternative options that would mitigate the need to re call the patient for another appointment, and suggests you use the current models to
make a crown of a different material/s. Detail any implications this course of action may
have on valid consent.
3: In this alternative scenario, the dentist agrees to re-call the patient and carry out steps
to adjust the margin preparation. The patient takes advantage of the opportunity to
change their mind about having a gold crown and asks for a tooth-coloured crown instead.
Fully describe two alternative types of crown that could be prescribed for the patient. Use
hand-drawn images to support your answer if necessary.

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