Developing subject expertise and subject specialism

Feb 15, 2024

Developing subject expertise and subject specialism


The assignment is about developing subject knowledge and expertise and how i do that. • I am a biology specialist and I have chosen to do assignment based on Physics.
• I chose to do physics because I have not looked at physics since 2011. I biology and chemistry a level and went on to studied biomedical science at university (undergraduate)
• The unit I am teaching is Energy (AQA) (Energy stores, Kinetic energy, Gravitational potential energy and elastic energy)
• To study the above I have used various YouTube videos, CGP books and text books from my placement 1 and 2.
• The lesson will be taught to a year 10 group. High attaining set. However, due to covid they have missed out on a lot of content for physics and also struggle with lack of routine which could affect how they learn. 2 students with ADHD, 4 students with dyslexia, 3 students with behavioural issues.
• The school I am conducting this assignment in is a state-funded academy in a small county in southeast England. Most of the students are from East London. The school consists of a mixture of races and different faiths.

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Developing subject expertise and subject specialism
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subject knowledge reflection (1100 words)
• You may like to try to answer some of the questions below, drawing upon the literature and reflective practice
• Define subject knowledge – why is it so important?
• Explore the differences between subject knowledge and subject pedagogy
• What are some of the strategies that teachers can use to seek to develop their subject knowledge?
• What strategies have you used? Which have proved to be the least / most successful and why?
• Explore the challenges of teaching outside your subject specialism at Key Stage 4
• What were the strategies that science teachers use to seek to develop their subject knowledge in their non-specialism areas?
• Explore the challenges of preparing to teach practical work.
• What were the strategies that science teachers use to seek to develop their subject knowledge to teach practical work?
Planning and implementation
Part A: A discussion and critique on the selected area for SK development (1200)
 What is the selected area of SK that you have sought to develop and how have you approached developing your SK in this area for teaching?
 What are the pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning this selected area of SK?
 Which pedagogical approaches have you used in your teaching? Why have you used these approaches?
3) Critical Reflection (1500 words)
A discussion and critique of your teaching the selected area
• Using theory, named pedagogies, reading correctly cited plus your own autobiographical reflections evaluate your enquiry.
 Provide a brief paragraph outlining the context for the class of students with whom you have taught aspects of the selected area of SK. (e.g. year group, age, ability range, social and cultural backgrounds, etc.)
 Evaluate the success (or not) of your teaching and the pedagogical approaches you employed
 Did pupils make progress?
 What would you do the same and different next time?

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