Drug trafficking

May 8, 2023

Drug trafficking. Research assignment: Drug traffickingThe following guidelines are provided:This assignment consists of researching the topic selected from the research topics in Week One/Two Modules. Please choose your topic and post in the Discussion labeled “Research topics” by the end of Week Two. Provide the information you find in the paper assignment. Make sure to do your own work and provide a reference page citing where you found the information.Minimum of 3 pages in length, plus a title page and a reference page (5 total pages)Papers should include an introduction, body and conclusion.12-point font using Times New Roman1” margins, doubled spacedAPA formatAt least three sources, must be used. Wikipedia may not be used as a resource. Sources must be scholarly and be published within the last 10 years.All sources must be properly listed and identified in a reference page in alphabetical order.Proper grammar and spelling is required.Assignment MUST be submitted under the weekly module in the link labeled research assignment, papers sent via email will not be accepted.© 2023  BrainyEssays.com

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Drug trafficking
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