May 8, 2023

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The sample is attached and the doc is below:Statement of your Company and the product/service.What are you all about?  How did you get started or why were you formed?Minimal information (1-2 sentences max) on each of the main points of your Section 1, Environmental Analysis.What problem will your company solve, or what opportunity will it address?Explain your product/service solution to the Problem/Opportunity named above.Why is it a good solution?Who are the customers you are targeting (the ones who have the problem you identified above and will appreciate the solution you identified above)?What will be your Mode of Entry (MOE)(i.e. acquisition, joint venture, hiring an Export Marketing Company or Export Agent)?How will you address “Promotion” – how will you reach your targeted group, including how will you initially promote your product/service?How will you address “Place” – that is, how will your product/service be made available to your market (i.e. at Walmart or through Electronics Distributors or Automobile Dealers or Amazon or other online sources). This is your Channel Strategy.What’s next for your business?Define what you want your reader to do. © 2023  BrainyEssays.com

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