May 8, 2023


· Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcement.

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· Choose a topic of interest in the field of human services.

· Narrow down your library database results, and choose  three peer-reviewed articles from the last  five years. You may use articles you found earlier in this course for other Discussions and Assignments.

· Read the two articles, and then assess and critique the reliability of each. Consider the similarities and differences between them. Consider what conclusions you can draw that are informed by both sources.

· Note that Assignments in your doctoral program adhere to all APA standards.

Write a  2- to 3-page paper:

· Organize your writing using an introduction with a thesis, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

· Identify and synthesize the  three peer-reviewed articles, published in the last  five years, in the body paragraphs. The synthesis should include  two or three main points or themes from the articles. Refer to  all sources in  each body paragraph to ensure synthesis of the sources.  Note: Synthesis does not mean that the authors agree with each other. It may be possible that your articles present differing ideas on similar main points or themes.

· Use APA style citations, references, and page formatting.

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