If you believe you have psychological resilience, how did you develop it?

Oct 9, 2022

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.
Instructions: Although I will not assign a number of words or paragraphs, your responses should be thorough and specific. You should consider multiple perspectives and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.
In your responses, please do not restate the facts of the case. Keep in mind that I am familiar with the case, and you need only to mention facts that are relevant to (and support) your analysis or recommendation as you need them. Rather, use the information in the case to illustrate your statements, to defend your arguments, or to make salient points.
You must avoid being descriptive; instead, you must be analytical. You are obliged to offer analysis and evidence to back up your conclusions. Do not rely on unsupported opinions, over-generalizations, and platitudes as a substitute for tight, logical argument backed up with facts and figures.
Please write in a formal manner suitable for scholarly work, rather than a letter to a friend.
Do not use any direct quotes or bullet points.
In general, your paper should be double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, with no grammar or spelling errors.
Format: State the question followed by your response.
1) Describe what you thought and how you felt when you when you first came to understand how COVID-19 would affect your life?
2) The COVID-19 pandemic tested the resilience of people and organizations all over the world.What is psychological resilience? Feel free to look up the definition of psychological resilience and even consult Wikipedia. In your own words, what is psychological resilience?
3) How did Jan Swartz develop and demonstrate resilience?
4) Do you believe you have psychological resilience? Why or why not?
5) Research has shown that resiliencecan be taught and built up through intentional, strategic steps. If you believe you have psychological resilience, how did you develop it? If you do not believe you have psychologicalresilience, how would you go about developing it?
6) Jan Swartz ensured that all Princess employees understood and lived bythe company’s values: Connect, Respect, Protect.Swartz believed that that their shared purpose and values served as a guiding principlefor the company as Princess’ employees were making decisions that could be life or death. Discuss the values that you live by. How do these values help you make important decisions? Please give an example. Are these values shared by your friends and the organizations in which you are a member of? Why or why not?

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If you believe you have psychological resilience, how did you develop it?
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