International Service Delivery Process

Feb 15, 2024

International Service Delivery Process


You are required to write an essay of not more than 1500 words excluding the reference section, on the topic of improving the design of one specific international service delivery process of an existing organisation. If it is a large organisation, be sure to specify the particular service you have chosen to focus on improving.
The context (wider marco environment/industry etc) as well as of the particular company/organisation and the one specific service you select is your choice. For example, it might be for an international consumer travel service company in the airline industry and you could focus on their in flight duty free service – the choice is yours. (Note however that students may NOT choose organisations (Singapore Airlines/ American Express (Amex)/ Meru Cabs/ Benihana of Tokyo/ KFC China) that have already been covered in the weekly course case studies). The company/organisation case you use should be topical, relevant and well researched (so please be sure to choose a topic that you will find sufficient research on – which may require you to conduct some preliminary secondary research). Students in this class should avoid choosing the same company/service process.
You will be assessed on the depth and appropriateness of your secondary research (evidence based market and academic reseach to base your analysis and recommendations on) and critical analysis as well as choice and depth of service process related discussion. As well as your ability to demonstrate understanding and apply relevant theory and use literature to support your arguments. A minimum of 12 authoritative, relevant referenes must be included.
The appropriate Charting, Mapping and Tools of Aanalysis and Service Operations Management Concepts should be applied and clearly explained.
The purpose of the process of the company should be evident – what does service success look like through the eyes of the customer of your selected company? Reminder that you should also make clear what theoretical underpinning supports your discussion.

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International Service Delivery Process
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