learning from the LIVED EXPERIENCE

Feb 15, 2024

learning from the LIVED EXPERIENCE


Individual Oral assessment – Presentation 20 minutes in total

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learning from the LIVED EXPERIENCE
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(Oral presentation – 15 minutes then Oral Justification – 5 minutes question and answer discussion with study group peers and 2 Invigilators).

All Students are tasked with identifying 1 piece of published work to create a detailed narrative analysis with which to use to frame your presentations.

The published work can be any of the following:
-Fictional or non-fiction book
-Poetry (series of poems by the same author)
-Transcript of a stage play,
-On-line Personal Blog/Vlog,
-Fact Based Film or Factual TV Documentary

Whichever piece of published work you identify to use for your narrative analysis must fall within the focus of the module which is ‘Learning from the Lived Experience’ in healthcare.

You will be required to cover all of the individual learning outcomes as set for the module:

The Learning Outcomes for the Module are:
1. Critically analyse personal accounts of health and illness in respect of contemporary policy drivers and care frameworks.

2. Demonstrate thematic analysis of concepts/themes drawn from a narrative perspective.

3. Critically reflect on how personal accounts of health and illness can impact on future professional practice and inter professional working

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