Marketing Plan PowerPoint

May 8, 2023

Marketing Plan PowerPoint. Marketing Plan PowerPoint – Requirements and Rubric Create a PowerPoint presentation incorporating highlights of your marketing plan.• Slide show should be 12-15 slides• If appropriate, include pictures, graphs, and charts• Incorporate a title slide to begin and a conclusion slide to end• Each main point of the marketing plan should be on a separate slide• Apply a creative background that ties into the theme of your company and product or service (slide transitions and timings are optional)• Use a readable font size – avoid small fonts• Use the 7 by 7 Rule of PowerPoint presentations – no more than seven bullet points per slide and each point averages around seven words. See YouTube video 7×7 Rule for PowerPoint• Avoid overcrowding a slide or having a slide with large blank spaces. Fill the space of the slide neatly and completely• The PowerPoint should engage the audience and effectively introduce your entrepreneurship and product and / or service Section Points Available Points Achieved Comments Title Slide 10 Body – Key concepts of the marketing plan (12-15 slides) 40 Conclusion Slide 20 7 by 7 Rule of PowerPoint presentations 10 Creative background; pictures, illustrations, and other images 20 Total 100© 2023

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Marketing Plan PowerPoint
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