Participant observation and ethnography. Sociological research assignment

Feb 15, 2024

Participant observation and ethnography. Sociological research assignment


Ethnography exercise: This piece of assessment is based on the practice of participant-observation and the recording of field notes. 
Part 1. Field notes, typed, at least 500 words, based on observations for an hour at a library, cafe, food court, or bar
Part 2. Analysis of field notes, 1250 words, typewritten in prose (no bullet points)
Sources: Please use at least 3 sources from the ones I’ve uploaded
Hints and tips
In this instance, you are a ‘professional stranger’. You need to try to observe what is going on around you as if you are a stranger looking at it for the first time.  You need to develop a sense of objectivity.  Conclusions should be drawn on the basis of what you have observed, and not necessarily on background knowledge.
If you do ‘speculate’ beyond what you see in front of you, flag it up as such – be reflexive in your approach.
Reflexivity: how is who you are and what you know colouring how people respond to you, and how you are analysing the data?
You will be assessed on the quality of your field notes and the analysis undertaken of them.  I am looking for the quality of the data you collect, and also the integration of the data in your analysis.  So, are you able to draw the conclusions you draw, based on the data you present?
Remember, your analysis should present an argument or explanation of what you are seeing.  You are encouraged to develop their own themes and ideas based on their observations and analyses.
Think about what you are observing – are you watching an event or place which will allow you to collect data which will enable you to answer the question?
Be open-minded.

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Participant observation and ethnography. Sociological research assignment
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