please write a personal statement with above matter in the best way possible?

Feb 15, 2024

please write a personal statement with above matter in the best way possible?

Dear Author,

I am writing personal statement for admission purposes.
I am applying for the following programs.
Your statement of purpose and objectives must be your own original work. Furnishing false or incomplete information, including plagiarism on any part of your statement or in any related application materials, will result in an automatic rejection of your application. (Brief quotes are permissible if accompanied by quotation marks and a reference to the source of the quote.) 
Your statement is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a tailored narrative that will provide insight into your professional career objectives and important moments in your experience and educational history. Include your interest in the degree or training program to which you are applying. If appropriate, address the evolution of your professional interest in public health. Explain how studying in the program you have selected will prepare you to make positive, constructive contributions to your chosen area of work. 
 There are no formal word count or page limitations; however, we recommend that you limit your statement to two pages or less.

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please write a personal statement with above matter in the best way possible?
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After my 12th grade I volunteered my time at Krishna institute of medical sciences Hyderabad India, which also happens to be the place where my one and half year old cousin was found walking in an unusual way. It took another two years and a lot of rigorous search for hospitals in India to identify the reason as muscular dystrophy. I did a lot of online reading and watched videos to help her, that is when I realized it is a genetic disorder. I wrote emails to doctors all over the globe who specialize in genetics, it did not help her much, but I continued to study regarding the subject with passion, but my parents arranged a marriage for me which is usually the norm for majority of the Indian girls. Social norms and financial incapability on my part left me no choice but to agree to get married. I talked with my to be future partner and clearly explained that I would like to have an identity for myself and wouldn’t settle for daughter of or wife of some person. I still didn’t not during this time that I wanted to study molecular biology yet.
I came to US after marriage as a dependent and have been living in US for 10 years. I started my education in a community college, as I did not have enough money to pay for as an international student. After two years in community college, I received PTK Phi theta kappa scholarship and transferred to State University. As, I love baking I excelled in chemistry labs and loved to learn biological system functioning and its fundamental mechanisms in my physiology and organic chemistry classes and decided to major in Biochemistry and molecular biology. Due to my visa status, I was not allowed to work during my undergraduate days. So, I tutored Biochemistry and molecular biology to my friends, I came to love teaching as it helped me improve my social skills while helping my friends to better understand concepts. I also participated in undergrad research which investigated better delivery of drug, Although I enjoyed learning, investigating, analyzing and failing process during this time, I realized my area of interest is in genetics, Human diseases at molecular level. My professors and classmates were incredibly helpful, being in a diverse environment I came to learn different perspectives, opinions and the cultural biases we hold. Currently I am a green card holder (permanent US resident) and I plan to pursue career in public health, I felt it is essential to learn about economic factors in public health, for this I chose Sociology elective, other than science classes this class was the most interesting one as the Professor was open to discussions in class and helped me understand social policies and health care system on a one on one basis even out of office hours. My goal is to have a career in research for that I am planning to gain laboratory research experience through the above programs and apply for a PhD program. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from XXX State university with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

Could you please write a personal statement with above matter in the best way possible?
Please feel free to eliminate or include anything that is needed for better flow of things and check what they are looking for on their website for these particular programs. Thank you.

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