Poverty as a Predictor of Child Abuse

May 8, 2023

Poverty as a Predictor of Child Abuse. I need someone that has experience with Empirical studies to provide me 5-6 studies and 1qualitative study. The study is realated to If or is “Poverty as a Predictor of Child Abuse” Final list of Empirical Studies (Due. 5/13)Directions:Review the empirical literature in your area of interest that has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Focus on studies that have been published in the past decade, include both qualitative and quantitative research, and take an interdisciplinary approach by reviewing research in social work as well as related fields.Format and other requirement: You will need to:· Provide the final list of empirical studies (minimum of 5), including an abstract of each article.· Provide a draft of your literature review covering the main research question or questions, identification of the research method and study design, description of the sample, measures and/or measurement instruments, methods of data collection and analyses, strengths and limitations, findings, and significance of findings to current social policy and/or social work practice.· Among your 5 empirical studies, include 1 qualitative study.I will attach what I expect for the Empirical study to look like.© 2023  BrainyEssays.com

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Poverty as a Predictor of Child Abuse
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