Presentation on rheumatologic

Feb 15, 2024

Presentation on rheumatologic


Case Presentation of the Patient with Rheumatologic Disease

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Presentation on rheumatologic
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Please review the readings and additional course materials for oral and case presentations in the inpatient setting. Following the University of California San Diego (UCSD) outline, in addition to your other materials, please present a case scenario (daily presentation) of a patient suffering from an acute or chronic rheumatologic condition. If you cannot recall a rheumatology patient scenario, please select one or more of the rheumatology conditions from your course readings and create a case scenario. This presentation should include relevant labs only and relevant imaging results only, as well as your focused assessment and plan for the patient. Please use peer-reviewed articles to support your plan for the patient, and follow the course rubric for discussion board posts.

2 peer reviewed references less than 5 years old

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