Principles and practices of marketing

Feb 15, 2024

Principles and practices of marketing


Choose one of the following companies:
Fashion Home Interiors
Hugo Boss Bo Concept
Oliver Bonas Heals/ Habitat
Primark Ikea
Use a portfolio approach (visuals and written commentary) to critically evaluate
how the company:
• Has used at least four of the seven marketing mix elements in their UK
operations, to reinforce its positioning within the last three years. (40 marks)
• Reflects strategic decisions and relevant taught theories in its marketing efforts.
(30 marks)
• Does/ can evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. (20 marks)
The content of your portfolio must display academic skill and integrity, appropriate
to level five studies. (10 marks)
You must make reference to taught theories/ models/ strategies throughout your
• Knowledge of relevant literature that would permit an understanding of
affective marketing mix solutions. This will take the form of strategies and
tactical plans that are supported by a sound information base.
• Depth of research and analysis skills that consistently draw on taught
theory, models and strategy.
• The ability to identify creative marketing skills and knowledge in a practical
and applied situation. The work should demonstrate intellectual originality
and imagination.
Academic skills appropriate to level five studies. This will include grammar,
layout and referencing.
Your work must be fully supported with references (cited in the Harvard style).
You must use all of the following:
• Kotler, P. Keller, K. Goodman, M, Brady, M. Hansen, T. (2019) Marketing
Management. 4th European Edition (4th edition), Pearson.
• Chaffey, D. Ellis- Chadwick, F. (2019) Digital Marketing, Strategy,
Implementation and Practice (7th edition), Pearson
• Andrews, J. Shimp, T. (2017) Advertising, Promotion, and other Aspects of
Integrated Marketing Communications (10th edition), South West
• At least three other academic sources (e.g. publications/ journals)

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