Prolonged displacement in Nigeria

Feb 15, 2024

Prolonged displacement in Nigeria

Environmental Science

A comprehensive literature review to cover the listed headings below. Feel free to add other relevant topics.

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Prolonged displacement in Nigeria
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1. Literature review on protracted living in displacement. Use studies involving Syrian and Lebanese refugee. Also literature review of research carried out in Jordan, Afghanistan, Kenya and Ethiopia on protracted displacement. Link it to urban geography, informal housing, poverty and environmental health conditions (very important).

2. How women and elderly are affected by prolonged displacement. Factors that influence displacement of women and the elderly and how they cope

3. Poverty situation in Nigeria and how that affects people in displacement

3. Background information on the legislative context (scope of law)for displaced people

a. in the global context and
b. Nigerian context

4. Role of national government in displacement (roles, responsibilities and limitations)

5. Role of international agencies, faith based organisations, community based organisations and other humanitarian actors in displacement. Roles, responsibilities and limitations

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