Reasonable objection that a naysayer may bring up.

Oct 9, 2022

should be at least 900 words long and should include your thesis and all body paragraphs.
TASK: Respond to an argument made by Herman in “Online Learning Is Not the Future.” Below
are some questions you can address and claims you can engage with in your paper:
• Do you agree with Herman’s characterization of online classes and/or Zoom classes?
Were your own experiences with remote learning similar to the experiences cited by the
students in Herman’s text? Why or why not?
• Do you agree with Herman that “genuine education” must be interactive, intimate, and
build trust? Are there any other features of education that you would add to this list?
• Do you think Herman is right that the college experience is “truly about making human
connections”? What does the college experience mean to you? Is it possible to have a
real college experience while taking online classes?
• Do you agree with Herman that online learning is not the future? What might be some
reasons that online learning is here to stay? What are some advantages of online
learning Herman is not acknowledging?
Once you choose the claim you want to respond to, you will enter into a conversation with
Herman. To engage with the author, you will have to accurately represent his claims and
summarize his reasoning, as well as offer some details/examples from this text to demonstrate
your close reading. Next, you will agree or disagree (fully or partially) with one of Herman’s
arguments and add your own voice to the conversation. You can add your voice by extending or
narrowing down the author’s claim or bringing some new evidence/ideas into the conversation,
ex. you can discuss the implications of his claims for a particular population (ex. international
students, students with disabilities, students in a STEM major), or point out limitations of his
claims or identify contexts in which his ideas may fall apart (ex. other countries, specific majors).
Above all, whether you agree or disagree with Herman, you can’t just repeat his ideas, but
instead you should add something new to the conversation.
To support your thesis, you will develop 3-4 convincing reasons (supporting claims) and offer
evidence, such as quotes from Herman’s text and your own examples or ideas. Please note
that this paper should focus on Herman—do NOT do any additional research or cite any other
sources, unless absolutely necessary. Finally, to strengthen your own argument, you will
acknowledge and convincingly respond to at least one relevant objection (counter-argument) to
your own claims. The counter-argument can come from Herman’s piece or can be some other
reasonable objection that a naysayer may bring up.
Your paper should include the following genre elements and conventions:
Title: Include an academic title that catches your reader’s attention.
Introduction: Briefly introduce the text you are responding to by providing its title and the
author’s full name, and give a brief summary of the author’s main ideas. Finally, include a
thesis that 1) presents YOUR argument, and 2) positions your argument in response to the
other author’s claim (consider using TSIS templates from the handout).
Body: Develop and explain your arguments and your reasoning. Begin each paragraph with
a topic sentence that states the supporting claim you are addressing in that paragraph (you
are strongly encouraged to use templates from TSIS). Next, elaborate on your ideas and
include evidence: You should use a variety of evidence from Herman’s piece, such as direct
quotes, summary, and paraphrase, but you can also offer your own ideas and examples,
such as your personal experiences and background knowledge. Finally, please
acknowledge and respond to at least one reasonable counter-argument in your paper.
Conclusion: Signal to the reader that you are wrapping up, restate your main claim, and
briefly summarize your supporting claims.
Works Cited: Include a Works Cited page in MLA that lists all cited or referenced sources.
Link to Herman’s “Online Learning is Not the Future”:…

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Reasonable objection that a naysayer may bring up.
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