Revise state statute and allow for gambling on professional sports

Oct 9, 2022

Answer the following prompt in at least 250 words. You can used the attached PowerPoints slides as information to formulate your response. Thank you!
Prompt: You are the governor of state where sport gambling is not legal. You have three proposals on your desk and you must sign one to become law.
1. Keep your state statute the same and do not allow sport gambling of any kind for another 5 years
2. Revise state statute and allow for gambling on PROFESSIONAL Sports
3. Revise state statue and allow for gambling on PROFESSIONAL and AMATEUR Sports
Select an option and provide justification for why you chose that option.
Since Murphy v. NCAA, sports gambling has been permitted in the United States. However, this has been decided to be a states’ issue. Therefore, individual states must choose whether or not they are going to allow for sports gambling within their boarders.
On face value, there appears to be little downside from legalizing sports gambling. States benefit from an increase in tax revenue from winnings and issuing more gambling licenses.
Many sports fans can now legally gamble through apps like publishKings, FanDuel, or Bet MGM instead of turning to the black market or overseas websites to illegally gamble.
Furthermore, since the issue is left up to the states, different states have different rules. For example, in some states, the age to gamble is 18. In other states, you have to be 21 to place a bet. In some states you have to register to sports gamble in person. In other states, you can gamble from your smart phone whenever you would like.
However, there are downsides of sport gambling outside of gambling addiction. First, virtually every professional sport has had a gambling-related controversy. In the MLB, there was the infamous Black Sox Scandal. During the 1919 World Series, eight White Sox players were paid to intentionally play poorly and lose the World Series (Known as match fixing or “throwing”). In the NBA, referee Tim Donoughey passed along privileged information to bookies in exchange for cash. He would also allege that the NBA rigged games for bigger media market teams (EX: Los Angeles Lakers getting preferential treatment to the smaller market Sacramento Kings).
Then, there are also problems with college athletics. Generally speaking, professional athletes are deterred from match fixing because the financial costs do not outweigh the financial rewards. For example, risking your playing salary and receiving a life-long ban is typically not worth how much you could gain match fixing or point shaving. The same cannot be said with college athletes who are younger, more accessible, and generally speaking are paid a fraction of professional athletes.
Now that we have discussed sport gambling, I am interested in hearing what you think.

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Revise state statute and allow for gambling on professional sports
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