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Jan 23, 2024

Select a contemporary topic in globalization of crimeUtilizing the journal article plus three other sources, write a ten (10) page, APA formatted research paper. Your topic needs to be approved by the instructor.Approved Topics:1: Cybercrime/cyberthreat in China and how affects U.S.2: Afghanistan and how it affects the United States3: Human Trafficking occurring in Mexico, and how it affects the U.S.4: Drugs in Columbia (growing, selling, manufacturing), and how it affects U.S.5: Blackmarket, cyber crime, cyber threats in Russia, and how it affects U.S.The cover and reference pages do NOT count toward the ten (10) page assignmentInclude a cover page, and reference pageAn abstract is NOT required in this paperBegin the paper with an introduction to the issueAssess the intended and unintended consequences of criminal justice policies in response to your topic. What impact does your issue have on organizational management?

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Second help
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