U.S. Industrial Revolution

May 8, 2023

U.S. Industrial Revolution. Your research question:
How can the lessons learned from the U.S. Industrial Revolution help people adjust to workplace changes in the future?Use those two sources and answer the following the questions for each sources in 2 partsWhat is the title of your first primary source?1. What type of primary source is it (e.g., a written article, a diary entry, a speech, a newspaper article, an interview with witnesses)?2. Who is the author, speaker, or compiler of the source?3. When was the source created?4. In your own words, explain the main idea of this source.5. Why is this source considered primary?6. Is the writer or speaker neutral, or does the writer advance a particular point of view or perspective? Explain your answer by referring to specific examples from the source.7. In your own words, explain which facts or details from the source will help you answer your research question.8. What does this source tell you about overall life for people living in this time (as it relates to your research question)?9. What parts or aspects of this source help you confirm that it’s a credible source?© 2023  BrainyEssays.com

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U.S. Industrial Revolution
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