What change models will you use to ensure your change is introduced and sustained?

Feb 15, 2024

What change models will you use to ensure your change is introduced and sustained?

Assignment brief
3000-word critical appraisal
• Introduction
• Confidentiality must be addressed in accordance with professional guidelines
Don’t mention the NHS Trust that you are from or the ward name
• What is Quality Improvement?
• What is leadership?
Both quality improvement and leadership should be looked at from a healthcare perspective. Narrow it down to healthcare
• Critically analyse the leadership approach you have used
• Consider your role as a leader in this project (even if you do not think you are specifically a l3eader in your role).
• Demonstrate your leadership approach to this project and its implementation.
Here think about your role as a leader in the project. Also consider your leadership approach to the project and it implementation.
Your leadership approach will be different if you are doing it as a student nurse compare to if you are a chief nurse.
• Show specific discussions about leadership, including barriers and enablers to change and how you would work with these.
Think about barriers and enablers and how you’re going to work with those. For example, maybe it’s going to be hard as a student nurse how to implement change because it’s a very hierarchical system because you are not known to the ward, which can be a barrier. How are you going to get over those and what enablers are there? If there is a new matron for instance who is really open to change, those can be some enablers for instance
• Critically discuss how this project and your leadership approach will improve patient care and the service
• You must demonstrate the importance of service-user involvement and co-production in health care. Co-production recognises the contribution of the people with list experience and can contribute to the decision making process. What they do is to create a better outcome if they work together
You must engage with the service user. What they think about or the experience that they actively have
Co-production is not about education rather is engagement, co-design, co-working, engagement and consultation
This is the real crux of the matter. Why we do what we do- ie to improve patient care and to improve the service. This is where you come in with your service user involvement and your co-production in healthcare
• Conclusion
• A summary of the arguments/discussions (nothing new should be introduced during your conclusion).
• How will the understanding you have gained influence your practice.
• Relate this back to the NMC code.
This is where you are going to have to put your understanding that is going to influence your practice
Relate this to the NMC code because that way it will be clear you have thought about this with regards to your practice

Ensure you answer the following questions:
• What is the Quality Improvement Project?
What evidence did you have to demonstrate that there is a need, did it come from service user feedback or observation.
What is the proposed impact of the project on your service user?
• What are your QIP aims? Think SMART!
What are the aims of your project? Why are you doing it? What are the objectives?
What is the proposed impact of the project on the service itself?
• Who are your stakeholders?
Those impacted by your quality improvement project are your stakeholders
• How will you involve service users in this QIP?
You can’t just say this is my project or this is what I ‘m going to do without involving the service user and say this is a good thing. You can say for instance do you think this is something that will improve the feedback you gave to me earlier on. Think whether you’re going to have a service user group that you can feed into. Whether there is something a bit formal or less formal to use
• What change is being introduces?
What are the evidence underpinning the propose change. You may well have been given feedback on a very specific part of the service by the service user. That’s great but what you need here is the academic evidence behind it. Why do you think is important?
• What QIP methods will you use, if any?
• What change models will you use to ensure your change is introduced and sustained?
You need a sustainable change. Introduced your change and how that change will be sustained.
Think about change models that will work for your project
• What assessments are needed to evaluate the change?
Part of sustainable change is around evaluation. Will you need to evaluate the change through observation, through feedback, checklist etc.
How do we know the Quality improvement project you have put in place is working or not?

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What change models will you use to ensure your change is introduced and sustained?
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Level 7 Academic Writing
Things to think about in your written assignment:
• Look at the rubric to see what we’re marking on.
• Ensure you are writing in the third person.
• Follow LSBU Harvard Referencing Guidelines.
•One of the main components of nursing assignments
is recognising how your learning will impact your
nursing practice.

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