Whenever someone comes over, i am planning what i might be able to serve them.

Oct 9, 2022

Discussion Question 1:2
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Share with us an example of how “Nature vs. Nurture” has worked together to influence your development.
Your post should include a paragraph on how “Nature” has influenced your development and a paragraph that discusses how “Nurture” has influenced your development.
Cite any resources you use in your answer.
My father is blonde and very fair skinned. I inherited this trait from him. I even had a friend tell me one time when a bunch of us were outside long after dark that the only thing he could see from a distance was my white legs. I have to be very careful outside as I will burn very quickly and severely. Even my head will burn, which means summer time outside involves a hat and sunscreen. Before we had the stronger sunscreen, I would sometimes wear light cotton long sleeve shirts to prevent my arms from burning. I was the only neighborhood kid who couldn’t run around in a bathing suit all day. This is an aspect of “Nature” that has impacted my life. This is a trait that I inherited from my dad.
As for “Nurture”, it’s hard to pick one. Growing up, whenever we got together with my very large extended family there was always food. It didn’t matter if we just “stopped in for a minute” at one of my aunt’s houses, the food was coming out. The same thing happened when visitors came to my house. Of course, we didn’t have a plate of veggies! It was some type of sweets, carbs or even pasta. I grew up developing the idea that whenever family got together, we had to eat. I have carried that on in my own life. Whenever someone comes over, I am planning what I might be able to serve them. If someone else suggests a “get together”, I tend to talk about getting together at a restaurant or having a little pot luck of snacks. It’s just part of who I am now. Everyone knows if they’re coming to my house there will be a “a little something” to munch on. It brings me happiness to be able to do this for others and I have come to believe this is why my aunts and cousins did it then as well .

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Whenever someone comes over, i am planning what i might be able to serve them.
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