Where does it have gaps and what would it need to do to get there?

Oct 9, 2022

Respond to ALL FOUR QUESTIONS. The document should adhere to APA guidelines.
While high quality outside sources are welcome, you should use information from the course materials to support your responses. When referring to course materials, use properly formatted APA citations and references. Your submission must include one references list at the end of the document with all the references used in your responses.  In addition to the references list, you also must provide an in-text source citation for direct quotation or paraphrasing of course materials [however, do not use an in-text citation after each sentence]. All submissions will be vetted to maintain academic integrity. Please remember that graduate level writing includes adherence to all instructions, as well as spelling, grammar, references, margins, and sentence structure.
1. The president of Athletics, Inc., a US company, plans to open a sportswear store in Kenya [or another African nation of your choice]. You are a consulting firm that will undertake a marketing research study to determine whether the Kenyan market is suitable for Athletics’ products. Please address the following:
a. Discuss what marketing intelligence can assist with information on this market opportunity.
b. Define the target population for this study (address why other audiences are excluded)
c. Discuss at least 3 sampling methodologies that could be used in this study and recommend the best option with appropriate rationale.
2. Review and critique McDonald’s global marketing strategy attached.

3. What makes a successful global brand?
The global brand consultancy Interbrand, which publishes the annual Best Global Brands, highlights ten internal and external factors that lead to global brand success.
Check out the full descriptions for each of these factors
at https://interbrand.com/thinking/best-global-brands-2020-methodology/
Apply at least two internal factors and two external factors to the Costa Coffee brand [SEE FILE LABELED: COCA COLA BREWS].
Does Costa Coffee fit the Interbrand definition of a global brand?
Where does it have gaps and what would it need to do to get there?
4. Consumer packaged goods companies seeking international growth have several options: create a foreign subsidiary to sell the original product abroad; establish a new brand for the new market; acquire a local brand; partner with another brand for distribution and marketing; and produce for a local company under its brand (in an original equipment manufacturer or private label deal).
Review the case study From Niche to Mainstream attached and respond to the following questions:
Should Riku’s personal life factor into his decision about which strategy to pursue?
Is Rebecca right in her assumption that Kenko can use a private label to its advantage? What are the potential downsides to pursuing the deal?
Should Riku recommend the private label deal or the branded marketing push to his executive team? [Please feel free to reject the experts’ opinions and promote your own arguments.]

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Where does it have gaps and what would it need to do to get there?
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