Why does henry jump into the river?

Oct 9, 2022

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Literary Analysis Paper
A requirement for all English II classes is to complete a literary analysis paper. A literary analysis paper focuses on analyzing the techniques that make a literary work effective, identifying them in the books you read and writing an essay explaining what you’ve identified. You will need to read The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich (page 126) and choose one of the following topics for your literary analysis paper:
General Paper Requirements:
2-3 page essay
12 font Times New Roman
typed and double-spaced
Title page is not included in the 3-4 pages
The paper is due during week 13
The paper should be written APA style:
Topics for Literary Analysis Paper:
Describe what the main characters are like and how we come to know them (by telling? by showing? by dialogue? By entering their minds? by the significance of their names?) Are they dynamic characters or static characters? To what extent does what we know about Henry depend on what we know about Lyman, and what difference does that make?
Why does Henry jump into the river? Does he intend to drown, or is it accidental? In what ways does he change in the story, and what things cause him to change?
Resources that can assist you in writing a literary analysis paper:

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Why does henry jump into the river?
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