write about the WHY this particular was brought to a Jurisdiction court

Feb 15, 2024

write about the WHY this particular was brought to a Jurisdiction court

Armed Activities of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) VS Uganda

MLA format
Writer will build on to upload draft
Writer will use uploaded resources
Writer must make sure paper flows cohesively
Focus on the facts of the cases being brought before the courts
Writer must follow instructs closely
Writer must include quoting footnoting
Writer must include a map (as an appendix reference
Writer must include a geographical overview of the areas or people in with the dispute
Writer must write about the WHY this particular was brought to a Jurisdiction court
Writer please DONOT give your OPINION
Use all resources from draft along with 4 in addition.

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write about the WHY this particular was brought to a Jurisdiction court
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Resources that must be used
Add 4 more additional resources

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