Write an analytical essay on Media Analysis on Wimbledon bans Russian and Belarusian players

Feb 15, 2024

Write an analytical essay on Media Analysis on Wimbledon bans Russian and Belarusian players

Sports, Education and Media

An analytical essay. Please find the attached file “Assessment_Media Analysis” to see the details of the task. I have also attached a marking rubric, and all the potential references.
You are expected to reference a minimum of 8 texts in total, with at least 4 of these should be from the attached Potential Readings files, and the others you may source yourself but they must be scholarly references.

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Write an analytical essay on Media Analysis on Wimbledon bans Russian and Belarusian players
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I have uploaded a file “Assessment Media Analysis Sample Example” for your reference on how this essay may be written.

Assessment: Media Analysis

Themed Story: Wimbledon bans Russian and Belarusian players from upcoming tournament

Article 1: The Age


Article 2: CNBC


Compare and contrast two articles (chosen already). Discuss and explain differences in the presentation of the articles based on the news sources from which they are drawn, using reference material to support your analysis.   The focus here is on the source.

  • Consider the intended audience and how this is reflected in the reporting of the story.  How do the two sources differ in their presentation and coverage of the issue through both written and pictorial content. You are expected to not only observe and report, but explain what you observe, drawing on reference material to substantiate observations and defend points made with supporting evidence.
  • Images:  If there is a photograph, what image is being portrayed?  How has the shot been taken?  What camera angles are used? Is it an action shot or staged?  How does the image relate to the text?  What kind of relationship does it construct between the reader and the people in the photograph?
  • Language:  How does the headline fit with the text and/or accompanying photographs?  What puns/metaphors or other language devices are employed to catch your eye?   What does the headline/sub-heading imply or promise?  How is the article written – objective, subjective, fact or opinion, and how does that impact on the content?  What is assumed about the reader in terms of prior knowledge, values, interests and understanding of technical language?

Secondly, identify the key issue raised by your chosen articles and discuss this in detail. Why is it important? What are the lines of argument being communicated? In the articles, who are the key stakeholders, how are they described and what attributes are associated with them? Relate the issue to social theories explaining which sets of values and beliefs appear relevant to your chosen article? e.g. Does it support/contest a particular Social Theory? How are these values and beliefs challenged, supported or reproduced by these texts?

Substantiate all claims and use literature to provide supporting evidence.

You must also reference your article and it must be included as an appendix.

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